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A vulvoscopy is an examination of the vulva and surrounding skin using an illuminated digital microscope.

Our Vulvoscopy process

Our practice has a special comfortable automated chair with a digital microscope built in. A screen visible to Dr Kliman and the patient is located next to the chair. One of our experienced nurses is always present during the procedure to assist Dr Kliman and provide support for our patients. During the procedure, a full explanation will be given and any abnormal areas can be pointed out. You will be wearing a gown and covered with a blanket. The microscope magnifies any vulval skin abnormalities. A weak solution of acetic acid (white vinegar) is applied to the skin as abnormal areas will stain white and be more easily visible. This may cause a mild stinging sensation but will be washed off with saline once the examination is complete.

Any areas of concern will be biopsied under local anaesthetic making the procedure painless.


All biopsies are sent to Professor James Scurry at the University of NSW who is a world-renowned expert in the pathology of vulval and vaginal skin. The biopsy result takes approximately one week.

Who requires a Vulvoscopy?
  • Women with a known vulval skin disorder such as lichen sclerosus or lichen planus – this will allow us to exclude any precancerous skin changes
  • Women with a vulval itch, burning, pain or bleeding
  • Women with visible lesions on the vulva such as patches of white or red skin, ulcers or fissures
  • Women experiencing pain or discomfort with intercourse

Once the result is through, your referring GP will be sent a written report with the diagnosis and treatment plan. Your GP will also be advised when you will need to have a check-up. You will be sent a copy of the correspondence and if a diagnosis is made, Dr Kliman’s notes about the condition will be provided.

Many women may find this type of procedure intrusive. As with all examinations performed by Dr Kliman, this issue is always considered. Patients are treated with care, dignity and respect and one of our experienced, caring nurses will be present during the procedure.

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