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A modern colposcope is a digital microscope for diagnosing cell changes on the cervix.

Our Colposcopy process

Dr Kliman has an automated, comfortable colposcopy examination couch with a built in digital colposcope. One of our experienced nurses is always present during the procedure to assist Dr Kliman and provide support for our patients. The procedure itself is painless and takes approximately 15 minutes.

After you are made comfortable on the examination couch and draped with a blanket, a speculum is inserted into the vagina and the digital microscope will be focused on the cervix.

A cervical screening test

A cervical screening test is usually taken and the cervix will be visualised after the cervix is painted with acetic acid which will show up any cell abnormalities. A green filter also assists to identify abnormalities. Any abnormal cellular changes of the vagina can also be visualised.

If a significant abnormality is identified, a small biopsy is usually taken under local anaesthetic.

Visualise the procedure

A monitor is present next to the examination couch and if you wish you can visualise the procedure as it is taking place and Dr Kliman is able to explain the findings with you. Both you and your GP will be notified of all results and what management and follow-up is required.

A colposcopy is performed if you have an abnormal cervical screening test, a visible lesion on the cervix, abnormal uterine bleeding (especially post-coital bleeding) or excessive vaginal discharge.

Dr Kliman is a trained colposcopist and is registered as such with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

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