Midwife / Maternal Child Health Nurse / Childbirth Educator

Cath has worked in our office for seven years but has worked with Len for more than 25 years in labour wards and hospitals across Melbourne.

Cath commenced her nursing career in May 1975 at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. Since then she has been active in supporting women and their families during birth and providing parenting advice and guidance.

Cath has supported numerous women throughout the birthing process and was instrumental in the 1990’s in setting up Birth Centres within Melbourne in order to promote active birth within a home like environment, as an alternative to traditional hospital labour wards.
Cath’s philosophy has always been to provide a supportive approach to birth … whatever the method of delivery of the baby. Cath graduated as a Maternal and Child Health Nurse (MCH) in 1983 and completed a Masters of Health Administration in 1999.

Cath is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the new family combining her midwifery and maternal and child health skills providing childbirth education for Len’s clients, after hours telephone support and ongoing postnatal support, breast feeding advice and parenting. She is able to give advice on feeding and settling to all new parents under Len’s care. Her practical approach to parenting has helped many enjoy the yearly years as parents.

Cath has worked for many hospitals around Melbourne. She has managed council run community programs within Melbourne and reviewed MCH services across Victoria providing alternative models of care for the community. Cath has also worked on the State wide 24 hour Maternal and Child Health Line providing phone advice to new parents of children from birth to six years of age.

Cath was the midwife/maternal and child health consultant for Kaz Cooke’s successful pregnancy book “Up the Duff” and parenting book “Kidwrangling”.

Cath has a teenage son, safely delivered by Len. She enjoys entertaining friends, reading and swimming. Cath frequently attends the movies (Gold Class only!) and can recite and sing every line in “The Sound of Music”. She is a passionate Essendon supporter and member.