Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy – is it safe?

I am often asked this question usually by a tentative male partner at the initial antenatal consultation.

There is no problem having sexual intercourse as usual during a normal pregnancy. There is the theoretical risk of premature labour due to prostaglandins in semen and the release of oxytocin hormone associated with orgasm. However, numerous studies have shown that there is no increased risk of premature delivery related to intercourse and the release of these substances is of theoretical risk only and should not be of any concern.

If you have obstetric complications you should always ask your obstetrician if it is safe to have intercourse during pregnancy. In particular, if you have had vaginal bleeding, have a diagnosis of placenta praevia, have a cervical suture in situ or have been at risk of premature delivery, intercourse may be contraindicated.

In general, normal sexual intercourse does not become more of a risk as the pregnancy proceeds.


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